AC and Furnace Repair

Experience the TA Kaiser Difference for Heating & AC

Trane SystemT. A. Kaiser is a company that offers services for HVAC Service and Repair in Indianapolis.

Because we are a national company with local business roots, we can manage to give every resident personalized service from service technicians who know the area and the people they serve. We strive to give the HVAC business a personal focus.

A Trusted AC and Heating Company in Indianapolis

The easiest question to answer is what makes us different from a large number of companies who have a national headquarters but fail to give personalized customer service. T. A. Kaiser has been in business for 30 years and continues to have success by recognizing the uniqueness of the industry and the people we serve.

Some of what makes us unique:

  • Our personal guarantees to every one of our customers
  • Wide availability, with focus on our customers and service technicians
  • Offering a choice of HVAC manufacturers and equipment
  • Remembering the roots of our business

Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Trane Comfort SpecialistBut installing and repairing HVAC systems is not our only specialty. We make other services available that are critical to homeowners and businesses who depend on their HVAC systems.

A small sampling of those services are:

  • IAQ testing
  • installation and examination of ductwork systems
  • alternative heating and cooling systems, such as geothermal

Call us today and find out what makes T. A. Kaiser one of the most dependable and reputable HVAC companies in Indianapolis.

Services Offered:

  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Heating Installation
  • Heating Repair