Learning About Your New HVAC Installation

mom-daughterWhen you are planning on buying a new HVAC system there are a number of things you should learn before signing on the dotted line. As a top rated air conditioning provider in North Carolina, T. A. Kaiser knows the importance of 30 years of experience listening to the voices of hundreds of HVAC owners. So when you need HVAC installation in Huntersville, NC you should start with the best service and installation provider in the area.

One idea you should not be locked into is deciding on the manufacturer of your new system immediately. There are a number of reasons for this, but the one that makes the most sense is that unless you have been keeping up with the HVAC market, a number of changes have taken place in both the types of HVAC systems available and the new technology available. These two factors can make a big difference in price and system efficiency.

The T. A. Kaiser Advantage

Many companies offer you their choice of HVAC system, with the biggest problem being they are only an authorized dealer of one manufacturer. T. A. Kaiser has systems and accessories available from a number of manufacturers including Aprilaire, Bryant, and Goodman. This gives you an advantage when considering models, makes, and pricing.

Also consider:

  • the variety of manufacturers means we have hands on experience with the equipment we sell
  • we know how accessories from different manufacturer work together, eliminating the possibility of selling you one thing that does not work with another
  • you can select from a wide range of available manufacturer discounts
  • T. A. Kaiser can be your one stop shop and service provider for all your HVAC needs

Major Considerations

family-grass-outsideBeyond the T. A. Kaiser advantages, there are some basic principles that you should not try to apply without the help of a qualified service technician. The reason is simple – you are not expected to know everything and the advice of an HVAC professional will go a long way in saving you time, money, and repair costs over the long haul.

  • be sure to buy the right size system for your home
  • make sure you get a preventive service agreement even if you have a warranty
  • make sure you buy any accessories at the same time so you can get the best assessment of your home environment after installation

Only A Start

There are a number of considerations that you and your service company will discuss before making a final decision. As a top rated air conditioning provider in North Carolina and a company that doesHVAC installation in Huntersville, NC, T. A. Kaiser has the experience and knowledge to be your best source of information.