Essential HVAC Components

hvacAnyone who has spent a summer (or a late spring for that matter) in North Carolina know the combination of heat and humidity can be brutal, even for longtime residents. T. A. Kaiser, the best HVAC company that provides repair service and Air Conditioner Installation to Indian Land NC area residents knows the importance of keeping cool.

Many people have varying sizes of HVAC systems to keep their environment cool. But generating cool air is often not enough. What is needed is more to create an overall healthy living environment and maximize the effect of the cool air created by the HVAC system.

Keeping Dry and Cool

The combination of heat and humidity outside makes a person’s body wear down, even if they are properly dressed. The reason is that their body cannot completely cool down because their perspiration cannot evaporate fast enough. (Blame the humidity.)

The cool air created by an HVAC system will cool the room down but is often too dry. For some people this creates a dry cough or other respiratory problems. Others who are forced to stay inside during the worst of summer days can get sick of the constant flow of artificially cooled air.

  • an HVAC system should have a humidifier/dehumidifier unit attached when possible
  • HVACs should not be running constantly all day unless absolutely necessary
  • a higher quality air filter can be used to remove pollen from the air

The Broader Idea of Air Quality

blindsAs you can see, all of the accessories that have become essentials are due to the need for increasing the quality of the indoor air. Every home is different in this regard, so what may be essential for one home is not needed for another. A professional service technician can come into your home to determine what is best for your particular situation.

They will measure:

  • indoor humidity levels
  • potential decrease of air quality due to leaks in doors and windows
  • amount of particulate matter circulating throughout the house

Acting On The IAQ Results

Many of the problems that negatively impact indoor air quality can be solved by simply taking a few simple preventive measures. Pollen that aggravates allergies can be removed with a simple filter change and by sealing cracks in windows and doors. But you need an expert who is qualified to conduct an IAQ assessment of your home.

Because we act in the best interest of our customers, T. A. Kaiser has earned a reputation as the best HVAC company out there that performs Air Conditioner Installation to Indian Land NC and many other HVAC services. Call us today to see how we can improve the quality of your air.