It Is Never Too Early For An Emergency

mom-daughterThere are those who believe an emergency is the result of a lack of preparedness. If you are looking for emergency air conditioning service or AC repair in Fort Mill NC call T. A. Kaiser to get the best results in the fastest time. Our qualified service technicians are standing by to help you get you back to normal and enjoy the warm weather.

But when it comes to HVAC systems there really is no way anyone can predict when an HVAC system will break down and stop working. It has less to do with a lack 0f preparedness and more to do with the fact that HVAC systems are mechanical devices that will, over time, malfunction or completely stop working for any number of reasons.

Preparing For An Emergency

You do not need to be a technical expert or have a set of tools to be ready for an HVAC emergency. Your main goal is to be ready with the information to give to the service technician that will help them solve the problem. In fact, if you make an attempt to fix the unit on your own you may do more damage that will result in costing you more money.

Here is a short list of things you can do to make things easier on everyone.

  • have a brief, non-technical summary of what caused the problem and when it happened
  • clear the HVAC area of any clutter and debris
  • have the make and model number of your HVAC unit ready
  • be sure to be available when the service technician calls

Common Reasons for Emergency HVAC Calls

blindsMany people will react instead of act when their main reason for staying cool malfunctions. This is especially true in the early morning hours on a weekday when people are planning to go to work the next day. But not every loss of HVAC coolness is a reason to call emergency repair. At the same time there are very good reasons to make an emergency HVAC call, such as:

  • when an elderly person or someone with a chronic disease is affected
  • when the HVAC unit starts making noises that cannot be explained
  • when the system starts giving off unusual odors

We Are Here Standing Ready

T. A. Kaiser has a wide range of HVAC services available, including our emergency air conditioning service. Even when you are not sure whether or not an emergency situation exists, call for AC repair in Fort Mill NC any time day or night and we will be there to fix the immediate problem and point you in a direction where you can sleep soundly at night.