Keeping Up With Technology

blindsFishers residents have taken another step forward by receiving a Certified Technology Park Designation from the federal government. This will help the area develop new and future jobs for the area. But your HVAC system is no less important in keeping up with technological changes. That is why the professionals at T. A. Kaiser are prepared to provide top HVAC repair service for people who are looking for help with their air conditioner in Fishers, Indiana.

Most HVAC service companies have general guidelines in replacing your existing HVAC system to keep up with technological changes in the industry. The result for the customer in increased savings and lower monthly energy bills.

General Guidelines

Many people, especially older homeowners, are not aware of the many changes in new HVAC systems that can save them not only now but in the future. It is true that not every older HVAC system needs to be replaced. Every situation is different, but there are some general guidelines that can be followed to if making the switch makes sense.

  • if your system has been around more than 15 years
  • if your find increasing energy bills but little change in your utility rates
  • if the quality of your indoor air is causing health problems
  • if you are spending more on service calls than utility bills

Energy Star Advantages

energy-starThe newest and highest efficiency HVAC systems are called Energy Star systems. They have to meet specific standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) before being allowed to display the Energy Star logo on their product. However, you can depend on the HVAC system that does display the logo to be the highest energy efficiency systems available.

  • Energy Star systems have energy efficiencies of more than 95 percent
  • their energy saving technology requires regular annual maintenance
  • the savings you get from an Energy Star system have the potential to pay for the new system itself

Check Out The Advantages

To best understand the many advantages a new Energy Star rated system can bring to your home and your budget, call us and schedule an appointment to look at your existing system and find what options are best for you. We do not always recommend buying a new system. What we do is to find a repair or replacement solution that works for you.

We are the area’s top HVAC repair service and know the residents we serve. When you are not sure about the next step to take, depend on us to provide the best answer for servicing an air conditioner in Fishers Indiana. You will not regret it.