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Is it time for a heating upgrade or replacement in your home? Finding the right expert might not be a hassle, however figuring the right size for your heating system might prove more difficult. With a few tips, calculating the size and the required BTU’s.

Home Size

Furnace size depends largely on house size. There are two main ways to calculate house size.

  • Locate your home’s¬†architecture plan that should list your home size.
  • If you can not locate the needed documents, often your mortgage company or county or city-state department can tell you how many square footages your home is.
  • If all else fails, measure your home, taking into account indented spaces that would reduce the total square footage. Take into account whether the attic and garage are insulated and occupied. if so, they are to be included in a home’s heating square footage.

Calculate BTU’s

Once your home’s square footage is known, it is now time to figure out the required BTUs needed to heat your home.

  • There are several BTU calculators online that automatically calculate the BTUs needed to heat your home.¬† Some of these include the ceiling height as it can affect the total BTUs needed. Calculator.net has an easy to use calculator that includes all dimensions plus insulation condition and the increase or decrease in the home’s desired temperature.
  • If you love to do math calculations, there is another way to calculate your home’s heating needs. Once you have determined your home’s square footage, simply multiply that number by 25. However, it is also necessary to consider such things as desire heat level, number of people in the home and the average energy level of a person.

For help with your heating needs or calculating the right size system for your home, contact us at TA Kaiser Heating and Air. Our experts are simply a click or phone call away!


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