Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Trane ThermostatProgrammable thermostats can save you up to 18% on your heating and cooling costs. Utilizing a programmable thermostat will allow you to raise or lower the temperature of your home at scheduled times throughout the day or night to allow for energy savings when you are at work or asleep.

Whether added to your existing heating and cooling system or part of a new HVAC system, programmable thermostats are one of the lowest cost, highest impact improvements you can make.

The Latest and Greatest Thermostats

The newer thermostats can often be as advanced as your cell phone.  When you need a functioning thermostat in Indianapolis, IN we can help. If you are in Charlotte, NC and in need of Thermostat Repair. Call us at T.A. Kaiser.

Thermostats today come in all shape and sizes. With all the technology presented to us today, it is only natural that we now have everything from learning thermostats to Wi-Fi systems. There are things that need to be considered when purchasing a thermostat for a pre-existing system. This can be broken down to two basics ideas. Does it fit your system? Does it fit you?  The thermostat must be compatible with the systems installed in your home.  Does it work with your Air Conditioning system? Does it work with your furnace? How high tech is it and are you comfortable with dealing with it?  Having a state of the art system that you cannot turn on does not work for anybody.

Trane Thermostat in House

If your system is not working and you think it might be a thermostat issue, call us at T.A. Kaiser. We can help you with all of your thermostat repair problems, from installation to helping you learn to program the unit. Rather you are dealing with a Thermostat in Indianapolis, IN or Repair work in Charlotte, NC we are here to help you.


Thermostats must meet your needs and be compatible with the type of air conditioning and heating system they control, as well as the power source running the thermostat. There are a wide range of programmable thermostats on the market with the features you want, including learning thermostats and wifi thermostats.

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