Trane ThermostatAre you in need of air conditioning for a small area or room and not the entire building?  You need to consider one of the advanced thermostat options we offer. These devices can allow temperature control that is cost effective and truly customizable. Indianapolis has thermostats available for purchase at T.A. Kasier

Thermostats are designed to control how you cool an area.  So you can set your unit at a temperature that is precisely what you would like it to be and tells your unit continue to cool off a specific area in your home or office until it is.

The thermostat not only tells the HVAC system how cool the area should be but some systems even allow you to tell your unit to removes excess moisture and humidity from the air. They have a patented system that dries up the moisture and directs the hot air outside.  With this system you do not have to remember to empty a drip pan.

T.A. Kaiser is delighted to be able to help you find just the model to fit your needs.

Call the Indianapolis location and ask about our thermostats for Air Conditioners and how they can cool you off today.

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