Saving on Energy Costs in Commercial Buildings in Franklin

Heating and cooling a commercial building is expensive. However, there are ways to reduce the costs and save energy at the same time. You can evolve your commercial building into a green energy business while also keeping another type of green in your company account.

DIY Tips & More

  1. Set your thermostat according to the weather. For example, in the summer, keep the air conditioner at 78 during business hours, but turn it up to 85 when the building is empty. In order to optimize your savings, installing a digital thermostat cuts down on waste more than humans can. You can program them according to your business hours, making it easier for everyone.

  3. Policy and procedure on light usage are useful. Staff should know what rooms should remain lit and a checklist for those that should be turned off at the end of a business day.

  5. Power down equipment when not in use, and add unplugging non-essential appliances to a check-list. Smart power strips sense whether someone is present to use a piece of equipment and reduces human error when listing what needs to be turned off.

  7. Shades, shutters, and blinds are for more than decoration. Using them during the dog days of summer will reduce cost while keeping you, your staff, and customers cool.

  9. You can reduce your energy costs by installing energy efficient light bulbs.

  11. Commercial HVAC maintenance is required to save energy, but also keep you, your staff, and your customers, comfortable during changing seasons. In most cases, you can do a lot of it, yourself. Changing filters regularly, checking returns, and a programmable thermostat are great ways to DIY.

AC Unit & Automation

Many small businesses do not believe they can afford the initial cost of digital thermostats, motion detectors, or smart devices. However, the truth is that any business saves in the long run when they turn to automation. Human error and forgotten check-lists are part of most business models, and the cost adds up. Companies can even offer an incentive to employees who follow through with policy and procedure. But, automation is often easier and overall preferred for both staff and ownership.

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