How Can a Ceiling Fan Help Keep Your Indianapolis House Warm?

Heating costs in Indianapolis can become very expensive, but you can help alleviate the costs by using ceiling fans. Ceiling fans serve a dual purpose of helping cool your home during the summer and helping to keep your house warm during the winter. As your gas furnace heats your home, the warm air rises to the ceiling. The ceiling fan works by pushing the air back down into the room.

By flipping the switch on the motor casing, you reverse the direction of the fan blades from counterclockwise to clockwise. The airflow will then reverse from moving upward to downward.

Run the fan on the lowest setting so that it slowly recirculates the air, without creating a breeze. When you leave the room, make sure you turn the fan off so there is no wasted electricity. The only room that you will want to leave the fan on is the room with the thermostat. This will allow the thermostat to get a more accurate reading of the temperature in your home.

If you have an open staircase, it would be beneficial to install a ceiling fan at the top to recirculate the warm air upstairs back downstairs.

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