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family-livingroomThe air filters used in older heating and air conditioning systems were designed to serve the unit, not the people. An average air filter only traps about 3-5% of particles passing through it.

Currently, there are several types of permanent air filters constructed to fit in any air unit to reduce allergy issues and clean the air.  Having higher air quality in your home or business will reduce illness and improve overall health.

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One of the newest features in many of the newer HVAC systems are air sterilization services. Air quality can get contaminated from outside the home (pollen, dirt, dust) as well as inside the system (mold, bacteria). There are many ways to help combat and improve the air quality.  Many of the new filter systems are designed to efficiently remove particles from the air flow. Filtering out the items before they reach your home environment.  Another problem is the mold and bacteria growth that occurs in the ducts, pipes and coils.  Using ultraviolet light is now being implemented to help control the growth of and kill the bacteria and mold growing inside our units. With growth being suppressed and a efficient filtration system at work, you should receive the highest air quality possible.

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