Preparing For An HVAC Emergency

family-grass-outsideAs much as we take our HVAC systems for granted, they are mechanical devices that will surprise us from time to time. When you need Air Conditioning Repair in Thompson Station TN because your system has suddenly stopped working and it requires Emergency HVAC Service give T. A. Kaiser a call. We are able to respond to your emergency quickly and get your system back up and running.

Preparing for an HVAC emergency is not something that seems possible, but in fact there are many things you can do to help get your HVAC system working again. The idea is that the less time the service technician has to spend resolving problems, the sooner they can start working on fixing the system.

Things You Can Do

Yes, there are some things you can do so when the service technician arrives they can focus on identifying and solving the problem. Our service technicians specialize in both technical service and customer service, and are always ready to cooperate with you to get your system fixed. But here are some things you can do before they get there.

  • have an adult present who can let them in the house
  • have a short version of the story about what went wrong and when
  • be prepared to answer the phone as the technician is likely to call when nearing your location
  • clear clutter from around the HVAC system

Can You Prevent An Emergency?

hvacThe short answer to the question is, no. Any mechanical system can create its own problems despite the best care a homeowner can give it. But the chances of an HVAC system becoming an emergency can be significantly reduced by doing a few simple things.

  • have regular maintenance performed on your system either through periodic service calls or a preventive maintenance agreement
  • clean the air filters and keep as much debris from around the system as possible
  • call when you are not sure if a problem exists but the system acts strange from time to time

The most important thing to remember is to not let your HVAC system get neglected. We know this is easier said than done because the systems are very reliable and efficient. But the basic idea behind preventing an emergency is not to let your system be ignored.

Your Emergency Is Our Service

We are your 911 call for HVAC service and repair emergencies. When it comes to Air Conditioning Repair in Thompson Station TN we have the most reliable service technicians and the best on time service. Whatever the time day or night, call T. A. Kaiser for
Emergency HVAC Service that you can depend on. With more than 30 years of responding to the needs of our neighbors, we are a company you can trust.