The 15 Year Rule

hvacAs a company that has more than 30 years of experience with HVAC systems, T. A. Kaiser knows that there comes a time for every owner of an HVAC in Nashville to have to decide when to buy a new unit. We are experts in Air Conditioner Installation in Nashville and know our customers and neighbors. For many, the question is when should they let their old system be hauled away in favor of a new one.

It is not an easy question, especially if the system has been working fine and the problems are minimal. But since the creation of more energy efficient systems, professional HVAC installers and contractors have been using the 15 Year Rule.

What It Is

Simply put, the 15 Year Rule is that when your existing HVAC system becomes more than 15 years old you should have it replaced. This rule is a few years old, so it may be more like the 12 Year Rule now. But you get the idea.

Older systems are less energy efficient and create a larger carbon footprint, causing them to be environmentally unfriendly and end up costing their owners a lot more money in annual energy dollars.

The newer Energy Star rated units have a number of qualities that make then more appealing to every homeowner.

  • fuel efficiency ratings of more than 95 percent
  • a smaller carbon footprint (less polluting)
  • strictly rated and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • quieter

Added Costs

energy-starThe energy savings of the new Energy Star systems definitely can have the homeowner hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. But some of the savings are offset by other, longer term costs that can go unnoticed.

  • initial cost of the units are higher than systems that are not Energy Star rated
  • changes in technology may require the unit to be upgraded regularly to maintain its Energy Star rating
  • tech system generally require regular maintenance to maximize their efficiency

Keeping The 15 Year Rule

As with anything, there are pros and cons. The decision to buy a new HVAC system needs to be looked at more with the idea of an investment rather than an expense. You invest a certain amount of money initially and see the returns in the long term. Energy efficiencies will generally pay off higher as energy prices increase.

T. A. Kaiser is a reputable company that provides a range of services for HVAC in Nashville, including repair services. More than that, we offer Air Conditioner Installation in Nashville, so when the time comes to move the old out, call us to help you with your new HVAC system decision process.