New HVAC Installation Checklist

dog-family-rugNew HVAC installations are both complicated and a welcome sight for the homeowner. As T. A. Kaiser, the best air conditioning installation company in the area, we know the importance of all things HVAC to Mt Juliet TN residents. That is why we want our current and future customers to know what to expect from a new HVAC installation.

The good news is that you do not have to be a technical genius to know what to check for. In fact, a system that is properly installed will be easy to check out and you can get back to your normal lifestyle.

Simple Checks During Installation

Professional HVAC service technicians and installers will need to get their job done, but at the same time they are installing the HVAC system in your home. Being aware of some simple questions to ask and things to check for will let you know things are going as they should and you will be more confident of the quality of the install.

  • check out the air flow through the system in various parts of the house
  • make sure all electrical connections are installed properly
  • ask about the accuracy of the thermostat
  • ask about the effectiveness of the cooling system

Next Steps

Once the installation team has completed their job, the next step is for you to give the installation a final “once over” to make sure the system is functioning as it should. You also will discover there are things you need to do that are separate from your service provider. They have information that is critical down the road.

  • learn about basic system maintenance
  • get a copy of the new system measurement for future use
  • be sure to have the owner’s manual and warranty information in hand before the installation team leaves

Hiring A Quality Installation Company

Especially if you are getting a new HVAC system for the first time, you will need to have a company that has both the experience and knowledge that can get your system up and running as soon as possible. T. A. Kaiser has more than three decades of experience dealing with HVAC systems.

Keep in mind that when hiring a company to install your system you will be making a decision that you will live with for the next 10 years or more. Your energy bills will be affected as well as the comfort of your home environment. Trust the best air conditioning installation company in the area. We provide service who are looking for HVAC in Mt Juliet TN and the surrounding communities.