Getting The Complete Package

blindsWhen you are shopping for a quality AC service in Hendersonville TN you want a company that is prepared to meet all your air conditioner installation and repair needs. But knowing what should make up the complete package is something many homeowners are unaware of.

We are able to give you a general view of what you should be looking for and some of the questions to ask before committing to an HVAC service company here. Keep in mind it is not a complete list and that you may have your own personal preferences. But you should know the essentials.

Major Essentials For An HVAC Company

When you look at these essentials, you will probably think they are common sense items. But when you are looking for a new HVAC service and repair company, it is easy to focus on the details and forget about the big stuff. Keeping things simple at the beginning goes a long way.

  • HVAC system design and installation
  • complete system repair and maintenance
  • availability of preventive maintenance agreements

While all of these parts are important, this last item, the preventive maintenance agreement, is an important part of the essential package.

Preventive Maintenance Agreements

The preventive maintenance agreement or PM, is one of the best ways to maximize the use of your existing system, extend its service life, and save you money in the long run. A company that is hesitant to work out a PM with you should immediately be scratched off your list no matter how old or new your system is.

A Preventive Maintenance:

  • keeps your system operating at maximum efficiency, saving you money
  • keeps newer Energy Star systems technologically up to date
  • reduces the possibility of your system requiring emergency repair services
  • usually offers money discounts on repair services

The preventive maintenance agreement is usually a small investment with many long term benefits.

Beyond The Essentials

Knowing the essentials is very important, but the best companies will go beyond the essentials and provide you with the best customer service as well. You do not have to settle for a company that only delivers the essentials yet charges you as much as a company that takes technical and customer service to the next level.

T. A. Kaiser has been delivering AC service in Hendersonville TN for more than three decades and consistently works to offer its customers more than the essentials. When you are looking for a committed company that has air conditioner installation and repair as its main focus, you can simply call us to arrange for an appointment to come visit your home.